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Wood is the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material

When you choose wooden packaging, you are also choosing nature’s own brilliant raw material. And there is plenty of it to go around.
In Denmark, we only harvest half of our forests’ annual growth measured in cubic metres of wood. The trend is the same throughout Europe: The forests are growing.
Wood also has countless positive characteristics, such as:

  • It is CO2 neutral over its lifecycle

  • It is both strong and flexible

  • It is easy to process

  • It is hygienic

  • It is pleasant for all the senses

Logging is healthy for our forests, as it makes room for natural replacement and the next generation of trees.
Only the rain forests are being cleared faster than they are growing. But rain forest lumber will never be used as a raw material at DTE. Our certifications guarantee this much.

Wood is part of nature’s own perfect eco-cycle

As the tree grows, it takes CO2 from the air and releases oxygen. When the tree rots or is burned, it releases exactly the same amount of CO2 again. In this way, wood acts as nature’s own CO2 store, and as a raw material, wood is fully CO2-neutral.
If you arrange for your used wood products to be incinerated, they will be converted into good, environmentally friendly heat as part of the bargain.
See our cartoon about the wonderful story of wood.
Download the brochure Wood is brilliant here.
Wood has many other good characteristics, and it is an increasing presence in the construction industry, among other places.
You can read more about all the good reasons to choose wood here.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable, and we’re not just saying that

At DTE, we think highly of both wood and the environment – so highly that we have the credentials to back it up. You can see our most important certifications here.
EMAS og DS/EN ISO 14001:2015
EMAS is the EU’s environmental management scheme. The scheme is voluntary, and EMAS is the most ambitious environmental management system for which a company can be certified. If you want to know more about DTE’s environmental work, you can receive our environmental statement by calling +45 70 251 251
FSC® og PEFC certification
FSC®and PEFC are both independent non-profit organisations that have established standards for sustainable forestry. Both standards emphasise:
  • Conservation and protection of biological diversity

  • Forestry must comply with applicable legislation, international treaties and conventions

  • must maintain, conserve and re-establish environmental benefits and values and must avoid, remedy or mitigate negative environmental impacts.

  • Forestry must maintain or improve social and economic conditions for those working in the forest, both nationally and in the local area.

  • Operational plans must be drawn up for the certified forest with an emphasis on management of the forest’s long-term economic viability.

Both schemes are based on the ability to trace the wood used back to the original forest. DTE has chosen to be traceability-certified under both systems. In other words, you can buy certified packaging from DTE. 
Read more about FSC here.
Read more about PEFC here.
ISPM 15 is a common international standard for heat treatment of unprocessed wood used in the manufacture of packaging material. The labelling scheme serves to prevent the spread of plant diseases and pests.
Wood ambassadors
As a wood ambassador, we work to promote the knowledge and popularity of wood as a raw material.
Read more about why wood is brilliant here.
Working environment – DS EN ISO 45001:2018
The “Crown Smiley” was awarded by the Danish Working Environment Authority because DTE possesses a working environment certificate in accordance with DS EN ISO 45001:2018 demonstrating that DTE employs a systematic approach toward continuous improvement in the working environment at a high level.


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