Sometimes it takes

a little extra

We have many years of experience with packaging and transport tasks – and this will come in handy when you need advice and flexible solutions for your tasks at hand.

We can help you decide on everything from packaging, storage, and mode of transport. If you want to get all components of a shipment together in one place, we also offer storage for your various sub-suppliers. In this way, you can easily and elegantly avoid the administrative responsibility of shipping.

We help you with:

  • Keeping stock lists
  • Checking packing slips prior to packaging
  • Making packing lists etc.

We've done it before.

And we can do it again – for you.

The best warehouse hotel in town

If you need a hand for handling and stock management, we take care of the vast majority of goods in connection with the packaging service we provide.

We are also happy to handle and store pre-packaged goods that do not require additional packaging. We can handle goods up to 9 tonnes with a forklift without notice. If you need help with something heavier, we can also do that by appointment.

We also offer:

  • Container emptying and container stowage
  • Loading/unloading of cars
  • Storage of goods outdoors or under roof
  • Pick and pack

When storing your goods, we have the option of warehouse management of the goods with our and possibly also your customer’s systems. And we will of course keep you updated on where your goods are in the warehouse and whether they have been repackaged or shipped.

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Do you need temporary storage or warehouse management?

We are happy to help

You are in safe hands with us

If you choose to let us solve the task, you are sure to get the optimal form of packaging and the greatest guarantee that the goods will arrive undamaged – and you may also be lucky enough to get cheaper transport insurance on top of that.

A typical process for project goods can be:

  • We receive a copy of the purchase order or a supplier list from you, so that we know in advance when the delivery will take place and to what extent.
  • On receipt of the delivery, we check delivery notes, goods and register this internally.
  • When all goods for a project have been received, we receive your “shipping info”, which tells us how the goods are to be sent, as well as labelling and other relevant information.
  • Based on that information, we collect and package the goods so that they take up as little space as possible in custom-made boxes.
  • After completion of packaging/containerization, you will receive a detailed package overview with information on the dimensions, weight, and contents of the individual parcels.
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