Standard packaging

in no time

There are no limits for us when it comes to challenging ourselves within wooden packaging. Thanks to the quality of the wood we use, there are countless possibilities for creating the right packaging for your purpose.

Much of our packaging, e.g. pallets, are ready to go in standard sizes, and you can order from day to day, so you don’t need to have more on hand than you immediately require.

We are also happy to store your pallets in our warehouse hotels – see what we can offer under Services.

If you have more unique requests, we can advise on choice of packaging and calculate dimensions immediately. If you have a larger special task, we will come by and assess it.

Ready for delivery

EUR pallets

When you need to use EUR pallets in standard dimensions, look no further than your phone. If you call today, we will deliver tomorrow.

Our EUR pallet program includes:

  • EUR-pallets 800 x 1200 mm
  • Halfpallets 600 x 800 mm

Adapted to your needs

Special pallets

In addition to the usual EUR pallets, we manufacture pallets in a wide range of other designs and sizes. For example, you can order:

  • 2-way pallets: Particularly suitable for bagged goods
  • 4-way pallets: Flexible pallet, the most popular in Europe
  • 4-way pallets in special dimensions: Ensures optimal utilization of storage and transport systems
  • Pallets with chipboard or veneer decks, which provide a flat loading surface


If you are in doubt, we will be happy to help you assess what is best suited for your transport task.

Always in stock

Single use pallets

We always have disposable pallets in many different sizes in our warehouse for immediate delivery.

They are all dry and heat-treated according to ISPM 15.

Space-saving storage

Pallet frames

Pallet frames are a flexible packaging solution that is suitable for both storage and transport purposes. The pallet frame can be folded and does not take up much space when not in use. It can be delivered with individual solutions when it comes to special dimensions, fittings, logo printing or printing of other text.

Pallet frames are stocked in the standard dimensions for EUR pallets, half pallets and quarter pallets, and are delivered as standard in heat-treated wood.


  • Pallet frame litter – increases safety during stacking and transport
  • Pallet frame lid – w/o guide strips in plywood / OSB / chipboard
  • Pallet legs, stackable – suitable for warehouse use
  • Separation space – when the pallet frames must contain extra space

We help you

Disposable pallets and frames

If you have pallets left over or many pallets in use, we will also help you with the practicalities.

We buy, repair and sell used pallets:

  • EUR pallet
  • Halfpallet
  • Disposable pallets
  • Pallet frames


We also offer to manage your entire pallet pool

Safe transport all the way

Export boxes

When goods are exported around the world, the collapsible transport packaging, DTE Ulsa-export case, is a good choice. At our branch in Ullerslev, we manufacture all types of plywood packaging. The DTE Ulsa export case can be used for all types of products that need to be transported safely and efficiently.

  • Lightning fast to assemble. It only takes a few minutes
  • Lightweight and therefore ideal for air freight
  • Takes up only 1/10 of normal wooden boxes when folded in storage
  • Climate resistant
  • Type approved for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Possibility of logo printing
  • All boxes are heat treated in accordance with ISPM No. 15


Just tell us what you need to transport, and we’ll find the right plywood box.

Designed for your purpose

Plywood boxes

Plywood boxes can be used for many different things and can be designed according to your wishes. As standard, the veneer box is lacquered both inside and outside. It also withstands frost, is antistatic and does not attract dust. The box can be equipped with foam inserts that are moulded or cut to size, so that there is extra security when transporting sensitive and delicate items. There is of course also the option of logo printing.

  • Paint box
  • Craftsman box
  • Carpenter’s box
  • Apprentice fund

It doesn't have to be square

Transportation boxes

Heavy or light. Big or small. If you haven’t found your wooden packaging elsewhere, you can find it here. We design and build your packaging completely individually, so that your product gets safely from A to B. When the task requires it, our engineers calculate what is needed for your goods to arrive safely. And then, as always, the packaging is covered by our product liability insurance.

For example, we have custom-made transport boxes for:

  • Old Danish MZ locomotives, sent to Australia
  • Heavy equipment, where the foundation has a bearing capacity of up to 370 tonnes
  • Wind turbine moulds for China
  • Cement factories for the whole world
  • Valuable household goods
  • Works of art


If your product is too large for ordinary packaging, we build it on site. See project packaging.

Lasts all the way

Fruit and vegetable boxes

Even in the most environmentally friendly companies, the environmental argument does not stand alone. The light fruit and vegetable box has also long since proven its worth in the entire value chain.

  • The box can withstand a compressive strength of several hundred kilos. The secret is the initially flimsy but strong corner posts
  • The robust corner construction also ensures that the boxes are stable during transport. Bumps, turns and quick manoeuvres will not make a stack slide
  • The boxes are dimensioned so that they match the dimensions of a EUR pallet
  • The boxes are suitable for recycling. Each box is preferably used 5-6 times


Fruit and vegetables are typically seasonal products, and we like to follow the season. Our production facility handles up to 10,000 boxes per day.

We also produce large boxes for fruit and vegetables according to your measurements and wishes. For example, 2 or 4-way with clearance for a lift truck.

Many possibilities

More benefits

Our solutions are very different, but they have some quality features in common.

  • Nordic softwood has unique flexibility and carrying capacity
  • Heat-treated wood according to ISPM 15. Prevents pests and fungal diseases in the wood and is often a requirement when the packaging is going abroad
  • Product liability insurance covers our packaging, no matter where in the world you send it
  • Environmental certifications mean our wood is certified according to both  the FSC- and PEFC-schemes



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