Regarding exports to the USA

We draw your attention to the fact that US Customs and Border Control as per 01-11-2017 has issued new guidelines for the import of wooden packaging. ISPM CSMS #17-000612. This is attached.

Our wooden packaging is properly treated, as prescribed in the order and also ISPM 15 stamped. Experience shows that the stamp may disappear or become unreadable over time. Missing a stamp can now result in very high fines.

We must therefore encourage you to be particularly aware that pallets and boxes intended for the USA are visibly and correctly stamped on two sides and should this not be the case on new products, we will be happy to correct them at no extra charge. In addition, we assume no responsibility.

US Customs

If you have any questions about this, we are of course available.

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Dansk Træemballage (DTE) A/S

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