DTE Group acquires Industripaller AS in Norway

It is a great pleasure that Dansk Træemballage A/S, DTE, after a short negotiation process, has agreed with the owner of Industripaller AS to take over the ownership of the company.

The DTE Group is the Nordic region’s largest wooden packaging industry and employs approx. 550 employees and has an annual turnover of DKK 1.3 billion. DTE has 6 production sites in Denmark, 4 production sites in Norway, 2 production sites in Sweden and a trading company in Germany.

We hope that all employees of Industripaller will experience the change of ownership positively and will welcome us. The company will continue as an independent company on equal terms with AVEN Holmestrand and Røyrås, and the management will remain unchanged. Together we must take advantage of the opportunities that a large group has, in order to get as much synergy out of the family as possible. With mutual help, we create results, and at the same time, we all want to learn something from each other through the new collaboration.

Read more about the acquisition in the briefing to employees.

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