Climate account 2022

Over the years, Dansk Træemballage A/S (DTE) has maintained a strong focus on sustainability and aspires to take a leading role in the industry within the framework of people, the environment, and economics. DTE adopts a systematic approach to environmental practices and has recently developed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for a portion of their product portfolio.

Aligned with this commitment, DTE has decided to compile a climate account to support their systematic approach to climate action and investigate which activities contribute the most to carbon impact.

This approach will provide an understanding of the specific activities within DTE that drive climate effects. Subsequently, this knowledge can serve as a basis for identifying the most advantageous initiatives to achieve the greatest possible climate impact.

The climate account is thus an integral part of the company’s commitment to demonstrate responsibility, transparency, and compliance with increasing expectations for documenting the company’s impact on the environment.

Read the full climate account for 2022 here.

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