Project packing: We make the impossible possible

When an aeroplane went down in Aalborg in 2007, we were given the task of packing it securely and sending it to Canada – something we managed in just 23 days. We have also packed up and shipped entire factories, typically to the Far East.

In other words: We have seen plenty of unusual requests, and we will not shy away from a new challenge. If your product – or your material – is too large and heavy to be transported using customary methods, we will relocate our packaging production to your premises and solve the problem there. From foundations all the way to foils and seals and with full documentation, so that the recipient can unpack with confidence when the crates arrive.

We will naturally quote you the price beforehand, and everything is covered by our product liability policy, regardless of whether items are being shipped to Eastern Jutland or the Far East.

Call us on +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you would like a proposal and a price.