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Get special packaging on time. And standard packaging in no time at all

At DTE, there are no limits to what we’ll do when it comes to manufacturing wood packaging. Thanks to the uncompromising quality of our wood, there are countless options for creating the right packaging for you.
We have a lot of packaging – pallets for instance – in standard sizes that you can order from day-to-day.
If you have more specific requirements, we will advise you on packaging choices, and calculate dimensions for you straight away. For delivery when you need it.
If you have a large special assignment, we will drop by to carry out an evaluation.

EUR pallets: Ready for delivery


When you need EUR pallets in standard measurements, they are no further away than your telephone. Call today and we will deliver tomorrow. In other words, there is no need to store more pallets than you plan to use.
Our EUR pallet programme comprises:
  • EUR-pallets

  • Half pallets

  • Pallet frames with galvanised corner hinges

  • Pallet covers and barriers

Call +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you want to place an order – or if you need other accessories.

Special pallets: Pallets you want 

Apart from the customary EUR pallets, we manufacture pallets in a wide variety of other designs and sizes. For example, you can order:
  • 2-way pallets: Particularly well-suited to bagged goods

  • 4-way pallets: Flexible pallet, the most popular in Europe

  • 4-way pallets in special measurements: Ensures optimal utilisation of warehousing and transport systems

  • Pallets with particle board or plywood cover: Provides a flat loading surface

If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you decide on the best option for your transport task.
Just call us on + 45 70 251 251, or send us an email.

Disposable pallets: For immediate delivery

We always keep disposable pallets available for immediate delivery in many different sizes at our warehouse.
We are also happy to stock your pallets in our distribution centres.
All pallets are dried and heat treated in accordance with ISPM 15
Call +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you have a question about disposable pallets.

Used pallets and frames: We meet your needs

/products/pallet-frames.jpgIf you have pallets left over or have many pallets in circulation, we can also help you with practical aspects.

We buy and sell used pallets:
  • EUR pallets

  • Half pallets

  • Disposable pallets

  • Pallet frames
We also offer to manage your entire pallet pool. We will be happy to pay a visit to your company and sort through your pallets, taking any excess pallets with us when we leave.

Call us on +45 70 251 251 to arrange something if you want to get your pallet situation under control.

Plywood crates: Compact, Light, and easy to assemble


Does your transport crate need to be light, or do you need it not to take up too much space in your warehouse? In that case, a plywood crate is what you need.
At our plant in Ullerslev, we manufacture all kinds of plywood packaging. The DTE Ulsa export crate can be used for any type of product requiring safe and efficient transportation. They have many benefits:
  • Assembly is blazingly fast. It only takes a couple of minutes

  • Lightweight and therefore ideal for air freight

  • Only takes up one tenth of the space of normal wood crates when collapsed at the warehouse

  • Climate-resistant

  • Type-approved for transport of dangerous goods

  • Option to print a logo

  • Can be adapted to suit all products.

Just tell us what you’re transporting, and we will find you the right plywood crate. Call +25 70 251 251 or send us an email.

Transport packaging: You have the product, we create the packaging

Round or square. Heavy or lightweight. Big or small. If you have been unable to locate the wooden packaging you want elsewhere, you can find it here. We draw and build your packaging for your specific needs, so that your product gets safely from A to B. When the task demands it, our engineers work out what it will take to make sure your package arrives safely, and the packaging is covered by our product liability policy as always.
For instance, we have custom-built transport crates for:
  • Old Danish MY locomotives sent to Australia

  • Heavy equipment where the foundation has a load-bearing capacity of up to 370 tonnes

  • Wind turbine moulds sent to China

  • Cement works shipped worldwide

  • Ambassadors’ possessions shipped worldwide

  • Works of art sold at Danish auctions shipped worldwide

  • A marble sculpture shipped to Hawaii

If your item is too large for conventional packaging , we will build it on-site. See Project packaging.

Call us on +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you would like to request a quotation for wooden packaging.

Project packing: We make the impossible possible


When an aeroplane went down in Aalborg in 2007, we were given the task of packing it securely and sending it to Canada – something we managed in just 23 days.
We have also packed up and shipped entire factories, typically to the Far East.
In other words: We have seen plenty of unusual requests, and we will not shy away from a new challenge. If your product – or your material – is too large and heavy to be transported using customary methods, we will relocate our packaging production to your premises and solve the problem there. From foundations all the way to foils and seals and with full documentation, so that the recipient can unpack with confidence when the crates arrive.
We will naturally quote you the price beforehand, and everything is covered by our product liability policy, regardless of whether items are being shipped to Eastern Jutland or the Far East.
Call us on +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you would like a proposal and a price.

Fruit crates: Holds up during transport – and to critical scrutiny 

Even the most environmentally friendly companies cannot base all their business decisions on environmental considerations alone. The lightweight fruit crate has also long since proven its worth throughout the value chain:
  • The crate can withstand compressive strength up to several hundred kilograms. The secret lies in the seemingly slender but strong corner posts

  • The robust corner design also ensures that the crates remain extremely stable during transport. Bumps, bends and rapid manoeuvres will not cause a stack to slip

  • The crates are dimensioned to align with the dimensions of a EUR pallet

  • The crates can be reused. Every crate can easily be used five or six times.

Fruit and vegetables are typically seasonal products, and we like following the seasons. Our production plant can handle up to 10,000 crates a day.
We can make large crates for fruit and vegetables to measure and based on your wishes. For example, 2-way or 4-way crates, and crates with clearance for lift trucks.
Call us on +45 70 251 251 or send an email if you are interested in learning more.
The common element in all of our products is:

  • Nordic conifer. It is uniquely flexible and strong

  • Heat-treated wood in accordance with ISPM 15. This prevents pests and fungal diseases in the wood, and is often a requirement when the packaging is being shipped abroad

  • Product liability insurance. It accompanies our packaging wherever in the world you send it.

  • Environmental certifications. The wood is certified under the EMAS, FSC and PEFC schemes.

See the possibilities in the menu on the left – or call us right away on +45 70 251 251. You can also send an email.

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