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Get the wood packaging you need. It’s environmentally friendly – and easy.

At Dansk Træemballage we manufacture the wood packaging you need – in fixed standard sizes or built to measure. No assignment is too much, and none are too small. If your item is too large for conventional packaging material, we will manufacture special packaging on-site.
The advantage of wood is that it is easy to customise to match your requirements in terms of size, function and weight. It also cushions the impact of transport. Wood is also the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material. Wood is completely CO2 neutral, and there is enough of it to go around.
Just call us on +45 70 251 251, or use the contact form in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll get a quick proposal, a price and finished environmentally friendly packaging.

We may be a big company, but we’re easy to deal with

Every year, DTE’s sawmill receives 400,000 cubic metres of timber, and we also finish 70,000 cubic metres of sawn lumber at our 6 production sites. We know what wood can be used for, and how it can best serve you. Take advantage of this.
The easiest way is to call us. Your call will always be received by an actual person and we will refer you directly to the specialist whose services you require. This way you will receive a quick answer to your questions, regardless of whether you need:
  • Pallets, standard or special measurements

  • Transport crates

  • Special packaging built to measure – large and small

  • Large packing assignments (project packing)

  • Fruit crates
For instance, we can draw and calculate prices for most transport crates while we’re on the phone with you. We will tell you the price right away, and you’ll receive the drawing by e-mail along with a 3-D image. We can also quote you a price for most other products straight away.
If you need us to come over and take a closer look at your task, we are close by. With 6 production sites across Denmark, we can make it to where you are in no time.
Call us on +45 70 251 251, send an email, or find your local DTE branch here.

From local sawmills to Denmark’s biggest producer of wooden packaging

Dansk Træemballage A/S emerged from well-run local sawmills all over the country; today we’re in a position to call ourselves nationwide – with solid local roots.
We took the name Dansk Træemballage A/S in 1989, when Haastrup Træemballage on Funen merged with Ribe Emballage, but our history goes back much further.
The sawmill in Haastrup was founded in 1915, whereas Ribe Emballage traces its origins to the now defunct Ribe Stampemølle. According to our records, the Ribe Stampemølle was built in 1581 – when Tycho Brahe was busy laying the foundations for modern astronomy – and survived for many years in spite of the local storm surges.
However, the mill was shut down in 1906 and converted into a sawmill and woodworking plant.
In recent years, we have merged with Midtjysk Savværk and Emballagefabrik (Central Jutland Sawmill and Packaging Factory) in Brande, Nielsen & Løjmar in Hvidovre and Stampen A/S in Flauenskjold. Furthermore DTE has aquired Silkeborg Pallefabrik, Astrup Savværk, Ulsa Pack, Aven Holmestrand & Aven Rabbalshede, Thingstad Palle- og Kassefabrik, and Solvang Trellast AS.
DTE also produces certified wood pellets under the name stampemøllen.dk.
Today we employ a total of approximately 400 workers at our production sites in Denmark and approximately 125 workers in Norway and Sweden, with a turnover of over DKK 1 billion per year.

Dansk Træemballage A/S - CVR nr. 11826687

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